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About Us

CASE Space Academy is the ultimate applied STEM learning program that prepares students for their successful futures. Through the excitement of space, we engage middle school students, teaching them to apply fundamental STEM knowledge and 21st-century skills in practical ways.

The Future

In the next 30 years, 75% of the fastest-growing professions will require STEM-related skills. 50% of professions today will disappear, 50% of professions in the next 30 years don’t even currently exist. Young students of today will experience dozens of career changes and dozens of jobs in each career.

To successfully navigate through this fast-changing environment, students need to master critical STEM-related skill sets, the seven survival skills. Whereby, students will not only become capable and competitive job seekers, but they will also become the most innovative job creators.

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A concept popularized by Dr Tony Wagner of Harvard University, the Seven Survival skills provide a critical framework that young students of today need to acquire and master. 

With the advance of artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, automation, and globalization, the pace of change within human society within the next 30 years, will outpace the change of the last 5,000 years. With this transferable skill set, the Seven Survival Skills, young students of today will be empowered to harness these changes for their future success.

The Seven Survival Skills


CASE Space Academy

A program of Actura

CASE Space Academy is a program of Actura. Established in Australia since 2014, Actura provides the leading STEM learning solution spanning from in-class to out-of-class environments and now including at-home learning. Our FlipRobot range provides the ultimate robotic STEM learning solution for the in-class environment. For the out-of-class solution, the CASE Space School International Study program aims to deliver the once in a lifetime, the best STEM experience in the most inspiring organisation, NASA. Our at-home learning solution includes CASE Space Academy and FlipRobot Academy, the ultimate Applied STEM Education courses.

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Actura Mission: To empower youth to master the critical STEM-related skill sets for their future success


Introduction to FlipRobot

Innovative design coupled with an intuitive coding platform, the FlipRobot inspires students to learn essential transferable skills through robotic learning.

A comprehensive robotic STEM learning solution, comprised of CASE curriculum, FlipRobot learning kit, FlipTool, FlipCloud, and accredited professional development, FlipRobot makes the implementation of robotic education in the classroom easy.

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For the out-of-class environment, the CASE Space School International Study Program aims to deliver a specifically developed STEM program that broadens the mind, cultivates drive, instilling curiosity and the spirit of exploration.

CASE Space School offers enriched STEM activities, inspiring leadership, and personal development which is not possible in the normal realm of the school environment. The program has empowered more than 3,000 students from over 300 schools internationally.

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CASE Ocean School offers two distinctly unique programs, CASE Junior Ocean School and CASE Senior Ocean School, both based in Australia.

The CASE Senior Ocean School is focused on ocean management for young leaders, the program will provide students with the necessary skills and confidence to become successful innovators, future thinkers, leaders and communicators.

The CASE Junior Ocean School is focused on developing curiosity and interest within the STEM fields, this program focuses on training young adventurers in an immersive environment, empowering students to pursue their subjects with passion.

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Actura Vision: To become the most trusted STEM education solution provider

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