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School Resource Page

Thanks for sharing CASE Space Academy with your school community, This page provides a range of resources to quickly and easily tell families about this exciting STEM program. It's easy to promote CASE Space Academy - just follow the steps below! Emails, newsletter items and social media content can be customised to suit your needs. 

  • Email families with students in years 5-8

  • Email students/families the digital flyer

Step 1: 6 weeks prior to the class 
Step 2: 6 weeks prior to the class
  • Print the poster and display at prominent locations around your school

Step 3: 4-5 weeks prior to the class
  • Email a reminder to these same families

  • Post our social media content on your school accounts 

Step 4: 4 weeks prior to the class
  • Publish our newsletter article in your school newsletter and online news 

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