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Robot Pet Main.jpg

Introduction to Robotic Pet

Would you like to have a robotic pet as a companion and teach it to do tricks? Students who are curious about robotics will learn to program their very own robotic pets while fuelling their imagination.

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Inclusions: Robotic Hardware Kit, Software, Courseware, Live Coach, Certificate

Mars Rover Main.jpg

Introduction to Mars Rover

Ever thought of how humans have explored Mars's surface? Students will design and program their own Mars Rover to trail-blaze the red planet. They will also apply their entrepreneurial skills to create a habitable solution for future human colonization!

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Inclusions: Robotic Hardware Kit, Software, Courseware, Live Coach, 15-16 hours, Certificate

Smart City Main.jpg

Introduction to Smart City Autonomous Driving

Ever been in a car where it drove itself? Students will design their autonomous vehicles to navigate through a smart city stimulation, which will spark their creativity and critical thinking when proposing solutions to issues linked to this innovation!

Inclusions: Robotic Hardware Kit, Software, Courseware, Live Coach, 15-16 hours, Certificate


This course is very good and can teach you coding, and building while you have a lot of fun. You can also have great fun in the competitions, and challenge yourself to do better, to push yourself, and to strive. This course also for us to be ready for the future such as in 2050, technology will be far more advanced as now.”

David C., Student, Barker College, Year 7

Thank you very much for running the FlipRobot course. I was so surprised at how much Sophia enjoyed it. She loved the challenge and at learning something new.”

Ms. Katherine W., Parent, Marist Sisters College Woolwich.

Why choose FlipRobot Academy

FlipRobot Academy is the leading robotics STEM education solution that prepares your child for their successful future. We teach the essential technical and 21st-century skills critical to personal and career success in our rapidly changing world. 

We provide the Ultimate Robotic STEM Courses

Comprehensive and Exciting Courses

Personal Development Integration

Unified Learning and Teaching Capabilities

Effective and Unique Course Delivery

  • Interesting theme based courses

  • Solve real-world problems with robotics

  • Hardware assembly and coding

  • Fun challenges

  • Growth Mindset for success

  • Seven Survival Skills, the transferable 21st century skill set

  • Design Thinking

  • Computational Thinking

  • Cohesive integrated systems:

  • Robust quality robotic hardware kits

  • Enriched and intuitive software platform

  • Fascinating courseware

  • Robotic kit delivered to students home

  • Learn robotic assembly, engineering, and coding from home

  • Live online coaching, classes recorded for continuous learning

Why STEM is the essential skills required for future success

75% of the fastest-growing occupations will require STEM skills

Research by PWC


Robotics is the best way to learn STEM skills


is the ultimate STEM-based robotics learning solution

Robotic learning is rich with multidisciplinary principles and is a hands-on way of developing students’ critical STEM skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, computational thinking, design thinking, collaboration, communication, and most importantly curiosity and imagination. 


The FlipRobot Academy designs inspirational yet highly relevant robotic courses for learning STEM skills, which is essential for students to prepare themselves for success in the future. 

STEM Skills. Robotic Learning. FlipRobot Academy. 

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