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Submit Checklist


live online learning and activities via Zoom and resources on Google Classroom

Please submit checklist at least 1 week prior to class starting

Download this checklist as PDF document here

System Requirements:
A Laptop or Desktop computer setup with:
  • camera
  • microphone
  • speaker
  • headphones (optional to have or use)
Stable internet connection and an internet browser
Zoom video conference application
  • Zoom is the one of the most most popular video conference tools globally, and we will be using it to conduct all of our online sessions
  • Register a free Zoom account:
Classroom and resource access:
A Gmail account is required for the Google Classroom environment
  • We recommend a family or personal Gmail account so parents too can monitor communications and updates provided to the students
  • Please note that course leaders operating the google classroom environment can not see your email address, they only see the student’s screen name
The classroom access code will be emailed to this Gmail address at least 2 days prior to course start date
Activity materials:
Students are required to source their own construction materials from everyday stationery and household recyclables
  • Materials include sheets of paper, rubber bands, a ruler or tape measure, scissors, pencil 
The complete list list of activity materials will be provided in the launch kit and the Google classroom
  • Please be sure to check this list prior to course commencement to ensure your child is prepared; and then to check they have ready access to the materials required for each day
  • Students MUST have all the items on the list otherwise they won’t be able to participate fully in the activities
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